Managing Stress in 2021
managing stress

Managing Stress in 2021

This holiday season was challenging for everyone in one way or another. Whether you stayed home or took risks to see family, you might be holding onto feelings from the…

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Consequences of Aggravated DUI

Many people in recovery have a DUI in their story, especially people who live with alcohol addiction also called alcohol use disorder. Sometimes people have more severe DUI charges, especially…

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Fentanyl Overdoses Are An Epidemic Too

The pandemic has made life difficult for millions of Americans. Economic depression, lost jobs, and despair alongside the pandemic's isolation have caused more drug use than ever. Sadly, across the…

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15 Spirit-Lifting Activities

Nothing can stifle your spirit as much as feeling as if you don’t have control. In recovery, you learn you only control your actions. You’re powerless over other people, places,…

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Hope: Growing and Nurturing It

Hope is one of the most important things to hold onto when you’re new to recovery. Everyone arrives in treatment or at 12-step meetings with a little hope. (If you…

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