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  • ★★★★★

    " Don’t ever give up! I’m forever indebted to Present Moments "

    Present Moments helped me begin a new life. I was a hopeless alcoholic and addict when I arrived there. I’ve had some learning to do since leaving rehab but after gaining the knowledge and tools from there, I have an absolutely amazing life now in the program. If you’re hopeless and feel like your life is over, you’re exactly where you need to be if here or in the program. Don’t ever give up! I’m forever indebted to Present Moments - and A.A! Stay soberlicious people!

    - Google Reviewer

  • ★★★★★

    " I can honestly say I could not have have found a better group to guide me "

    For now, as I’m still a client in Mark, Amy and their team’s care, I can honestly say I could not have have found a better group to guide me through perhaps the most difficult period in my adult life. From the beginning to today, 8 months and 3 levels of care later, it has been what I needed, when I needed it.

    - Rob Fleisher

  • ★★★★★

    " Present Moments is a wonderful, holistic self-care based model "

    Present Moments is a wonderful, holistic self-care based model of inpatient recovery. The ownership (literally came to my home to help me, and even visited me in the hospital Before! I was a client) and staff, mangers and team members, all, authentically care and actively seek to ensure individualized, relevant treatment plans for guests.

    - Matt Huddleston

You Can Recover!

Uplifting & Effective Treatment

We understand the pain and turmoil that alcoholism has caused in your life. We provide an inspirational ‘home-like’  setting in San Diego and the clinical process to help you achieve life-long recovery.

A Program for Long-Term Sobriety that Works

Many of the men and women who come to our family-owned treatment center have sincerely pursued recovery in the past, but over time,  triggers and underlying issues resulted in a relapse. At Present Moments Recovery, we know that you or your loved one can change for the better when the environment is encouraging and supportive. At our program, we use evidence based treatment process to work with you on setting goals in your recovery and then achieving them.
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Recovery in a “Home-Like” Atmosphere

Comfortable, Personalized Care


Personalized Attention

You will have several ‘one-on-one’ meetings per week and the groups that we facilitate will be small to ensure that you get individualized attention.


Relaxing Living Space

Recover in a comfortable home-like environment. Our facility offers premium amenities


Multidisciplinary Staff

We have a physician on staff and other Masters Level therapists.


Fun Offsite Activities

Outings include nature walks, paddle boarding, spirituality walks on the beach, and much more.


Private Rooms Available

Our detox facility offers both shared rooms and private rooms. Our beds have premium linen which are changed daily.


Close to the Beach

We believe that the setting can really impact your recovery. We are located to the beautiful beaches in San Diego.

CALL NOW: 619-365-8840

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CALL NOW: 619-365-8840

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