Our Continuum of Care

We are able to offer a safe, clinically supervised detox with minimal withdrawals. Our Clinical Director will supervise a safe & comfortable detoxification.

We are able to accommodate outpatient and MAT assisted detoxification when appropriate.
Present Moments provides a very supportive and clinically driven residential treatment program for those who are ready to make a lasting change.

Our strength is our multidisciplinary staff of therapists and doctors who utilize a state-of-the-art blend of evidence based processes to facilitate lasting change.
Many of our clients live and work in the San Diego area and come for treatment in an outpatient capacity.

We have multiple levels of care available to those who reside in the area. We are licensed to provide outpatient treatment with MAT assistance.
Our Sober Living Environment is the only CARF Accredited Program in California.
Our community is supportive and our amenities are top notch.

San Diego Drug Rehab

Addiction Treatment Center in a home-like Environment

Welcome to Present Moments Recovery, the premier San Diego drug rehab center. Our residential and extended care treatment program is located in San Diego (North County) and helps men & women attain sobriety, achieve emotional balance, and gain independent living skills.

We are licensed by the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) to provide medication assisted detoxification services, incidental medical services, and extended residential treatment in a structured and supportive sober living environments. Our exclusive and comprehensive drug rehabilitation program is facilitated by skilled clinicians in a peaceful and comfortable ‘home-like’ atmosphere.


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We Accept Most PPO Insurance Plans

Accredited Programs & Treatment

Customized For Each Patient



Opiate / Opiods

Prescription Drugs

Detox Program

Inpatient Program

Outpatient Program

Mat program


The Entire Treatment Continuum Personalized for You

san diego drug rehab Our treatment program is personalized for each individual in order to best guide them through the initial transition to abstinence and continue supporting them as they resume their professional or academic career with aftercare programs in the local community. Our after care programs support each client for up to a year Under the care of the same treatment team.  Where appropriate, MAT (Medication-Assisted Treatment) is incorporated into the plan.

Our San Diego rehab provides a licensed, safe and supportive detox environment for the first 5 to 10 days. Once stabilized, the client moves seamlessly into our residential program consisting of clinical and holistic treatment lasting 20-60 days. Following this, the client will continue their treatment at a PHP (Partial Hospitalization Program) and/or IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program) level of care. This level of care is  suited for those clients residing in the local area in a stable and supportive living environment.

Should the client need alternative housing to support their continuum of care, PMR owns and operates By the Sea Recovery, providing an industry leading sober community experience at two locations in North County San Diego. Our treatment continuum helps you by providing continuity of care facilitated by our ethical staff of professionals in a secure and safe environment.

  •  I couldn’t be more grateful.


Flexible Drug Detox & Rehab Programs

3-7 days

  • Most Comfortable & Safe Detox Available
  • Industry-leading Detox Doctor Presides
  • Covered by Most PPO Insurance Plans
  • Detox from all Substances

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30 days

  • Leading Residential Program in CA
  • Covered by Most PPO Insurance Plans
  • State-of-the-Art 'Evidence Based' Treatment 
  • Establishes Long-term Behavior Change

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60+ days

  • Same Clinical Team into Outpatient
  • San Diego Sober Living in Monitored Housing
  • Ongoing Monitoring of Treatment Progress
  • Extended Treatment = Higher Success Rates

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A Caring Partner In Your Journey

Skilled, Caring Staff

Our By The Sea Recovery sober living home offers an objective based and data driven process, 24/7 on site management by a house manager (trained in CPR and First Aid), and the safety of a zero drug and alcohol tolerance environment.

Custom Tailored Programs

We have over 5 years of helping guide the men in our care to successful recovery outcomes in sober housing and post-rehab transitional living with a strong clinical support component.

Comfortable Atmosphere

A 15 minute ride from the world-renowned surf beaches of North County San Diego and walking distance from fitness centers, yoga studios, hiking trails, shopping centers, public transportation, recovery resources and meetings. By the Sea Recovery San Diego sets the standard in aesthetics and outcomes for recovery residences.

Evidence-Based Treatment Principles

We have over 5 years of helping guide the men in our care to successful recovery outcomes in sober housing and post-rehab transitional living with a strong clinical support component.


You CAN Achieve Sobriety

We Are Here To Guide You

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