Top Clinical Drug Rehab in San Diego

Welcome to Present Moments, a comprehensive and holistic drug rehabilitation program that is facilitated by skilled clinicians in a peaceful and comfortable ‘home-like’ atmosphere.

Our program is personalized for each individual in order to best guide them through the initial transition to abstinence and continue supporting them as they resume their professional or academic career.

Now is a Great Time to Seek Treatment

If you are seeking help for yourself or a loved one, then we commend your courage want you to know the good news: there has never been a better time to seek treatment for an addiction than right now. Recent clinical breakthroughs in both medical and therapeutic processes has vastly improved the ability of programs like ours to connect with the chemically dependent individual and facilitate their initial sobriety and then long term recovery.

Treatment only begins with abstinence from the drug of choice. What gives the recovering person the fulfillment and joy required to maintain long-term sobriety is both addressing the underlying issues that contributed to the addiction and learning new and healthier responses to future stressors and cravings.

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Why We are Different

Our residential drug rehab center features some of California’s top addiction counselors working ‘in-depth’ with our clients in serene and uplifting surroundings.

Residential Treatment

We will welcome you into our comfortable home where our clinicians will facilitate therapeutic processes and activities.

Incredible ‘Home-Like’ Atmosphere

Feel right at home in our luxurious and well- appointed facility in Carlsbad, CA (North County San Diego).

Evidence-Based Treatment Principles

We employ the most cutting-edge therapies and modalities so that we can give you the best possible chance to instigate lasting changes in your life.

Results That Change Lives – Testimonials

  •  Raylee & Dana. (Mother/ Sister)

    Hi Mark & Amy Just wanted to thank you both for the care you have given to our son, we are forever in your debt as he feels you are responsible for his continued progress in recovery. He is in a good head space for his 44 days and is loving the feeling of good health, clarity and vitality that he has not felt for a long time. Of course he struggles still with anxiety and anger at times but feels it is becoming less every day. I left the US feeling confident with his recovery and the way he is dealing with it. Again thank you both so much from the bottom of our hearts.

    Raylee & Dana. (Mother/ Sister)
  • Terry S. (Mother)
    You and your staff really were very kind and my son has mentioned it several times. He would not have made it by himself, were it not for your help. He (and I) will be forever grateful.  People like you and Dr. Milgram and his staff really are making a difference in the lives of many people.....Thank you, Thank you.
    Terry S. (Mother)

Comprehensive Clinical Treatment in a Comfortable and Serene Environment

The Levels of Treatment

  • Level 0: Assessment & Intervention
  • Level 1: Detox
  • Level 2: Inpatient/residential treatment
  • Level 3: Sober Living, Outpatient, & Aftercare

We Provide a Continuum of Care for Long-Term Sobriety

Our experience in helping men and women overcome addiction for the long-term has led us to create a multi-level continuum of care.  The benefits of extending treatment through several months and gradually making the treatment less intensive have been well established. We provide these levels of care in order to facilitate long-term recovery and  integration back into a career.

The treatment process typically starts with a safe & comfortable medically supervised detox, and then transitions into our residential treatment environment for full-time treatment over a period of 1-3 months. Our residential home provides all residents with a nurturing, family atmosphere in a calm environment.

Treatment Activities

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Psycho Educational Groups
  • Somatic Therapies: Reiki, Mindfulness, Qigong
  • Expressive Therapies: Art Therapy, Music Expression, Creative Writing
  • 12-Step Based Support Group Meetings (and non 12-Step)
  • Holistic Processes: Meditation, Physical Fitness, Acupuncture, Yoga

“Stepping Down” Into Sober Living

Then, when our client is ready to resume their career (or education), we have monitored and supportive sober living homes for them to reside in. Our clients will remain connected to their clinical support team through outpatient counseling as they ’step down’ their level of care and eventually live on their own. Read more about our San Diego sober living home for men.

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Achieving the Critical First Year of Sobriety

Numerous medical outcome studies have confirmed the notable dropoff in relapse rates for patients who have achieved certain specific milestones. For instance:
  • Patients who undergo some form of treatment after detoxification took 40% longer to relapse (if they relapsed at all)
  • The likelihood of long-term sobriety basically doubles after a year of initial abstinence is achieved
  • Less than 15% of individuals who achieve five years of continuous sobriety will ever relapse
Our mission is to provide our clients the monitoring and support necessary to help them achieve some of these crucial milestones. When you are in our care, your medical file will remain in the hands of the same clinical team throughout every level of care that you matriculate through.

Recovery Happens in the Present Moment

People who recover from addiction to drugs and alcohol often find the present moment a space in which they can remain safe from their former selves.  The present, like its name, is a gift.  The future is uncertain and the past is but a memory.  People in recovery learn that you can’t control the future and you can’t change the past.  The present is all we are guaranteed in this life.

Sadly, for the sick and suffering individual struggling with drug or alcohol abuse, there is no moment in the present that addiction doesn’t cloud. Expecting loved ones to simply stop using is like expecting a diabetic person to keep the right level of insulin in their system permanently without the help of medication but rather with just a positive mental attitude. People with addiction need integrative attention to fully recover and lead meaningful and joyous lives. Let us at Present Moments Recovery be your drug rehab San Diego destination.

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There’s a new way to recover from addiction and alcoholism: heal from the heart.

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Get Started Now, Be Healthy Soon

For a free and anonymous consultation please contact us regarding our north county San Diego drug rehab centers. A recovery professional will contact you promptly.




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