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Five Common Dangers to People New to Recovery

Getting clean and sober is hard work, and every day is a day to celebrate if you don’t use. But there is always a period of […]

7 Ways to Say “No” to a Drink/Drug at a Party

As an earlier blog post mentioned, the holidays are upon us, and there will be a lot of celebrating which can be uncomfortable for people in […]

Anger and New to Recovery: A Dangerous Combination

Anger is a powerful emotion that can manifest itself in many ways. Often a person in recovery doesn’t recognize the symptoms until it’s too late and […]

Three Ways to Start Thinking More Positively

Have you ever thought to yourself that you need to think more positively? Many people in recovery have an issue with pessimism and need to think […]

Four Ways to Cope With Stress During the Holidays

The holidays are always a bit stressful, aren’t they? For many people in recovery, the holidays are more than stressful; they’re upsetting or intimidating. The holiday […]

Four Intense Emotions You Might Feel When You Get Clean

When you first get clean, there are a lot of things that your body and mind go through. Breaking free from addiction is a big deal, […]

Can You Use FMLA for Addiction Treatment?

In the US, there is an addiction crisis. People from all walks of life need help with their substance use disorder, but not all have the […]

What Are the Most Addictive Drugs?

Addiction (also known as substance use disorder) is a devious and sometimes confusing disease. However, many signs and symptoms may alert loved ones to the fact […]

Is Your Codependency Hurting Your Loved One In Recovery?

When a loved one is sick from addiction, it’s often family and friends who come forward to seek help. Treatment centers often work with parents, partners, […]

Reducing the Stigma of Addiction & Recovery

It is sometimes hard for friends and family to understand addiction. There are a lot of misconceptions about the nature of this disease, and some people […]

Are You An Enabler? There’s Hope

Are you an enabler? Addiction is a scary disease; it can cause your loved one to take risks they usually wouldn’t take and start behaving startlingly. […]

Coping with Triggers in Recovery

In treatment and recovery, you’ll learn a lot about the science and psychology of a substance abuse disorder. People who are addicted to drugs experience physical […]

Breaking Through Denial

Denial is one of the most frustrating symptoms of addiction. When you’re addicted to a drug, there are many changes to the way your brain works. […]

Is Your Loved One Struggling with Addiction? Telltale Signs

Addiction is a life-altering disease that can play tricks on both the afflicted and their loved ones. While it doesn’t develop overnight, there are signs and […]

Mindfulness as a Recovery Tool

  For people in all stages of recovery, mindfulness can be an important tool for coping with stress. Stress is all around us, especially for those […]

Self-Esteem, Addiction and Recovery

Do you struggle with confidence and self-esteem? In early recovery, as well as throughout life, many people have this problem. Most people with substance abuse disorders […]

Would your Dad Do this? I will….

Thank you for the article Josh. It reminded me that when I was growing up in the 80’s I don’t have real and clear memories of […]

What is Life Like When You Come Home from Drug Treatment?

  Going to drug treatment is a life-changing event. When you first get there, you may be frightened and worried about your future. As time goes […]

3 Great Ways to Support the Recovering Person in Your Life

  So, you want to support the recovering person in your life, but you’re probably not sure where to start with this. Before your loved one […]

Drug Treatment is not just for Children, HELP OUR PARENTs

It wasn’t their fault, I thought it couldn’t happen to my parents…could they be next? She hurt her hip last year with a fall and we […]

Our family Members in Long Term Recovery are Worth the Investment

I’ve amassed a great resume of the years since joining the military in 1986. This mass was not due to service or goodwill by any stretch, […]

Colin Farrell Celebrates 10yrs of SOBRIETY!!!

Sobriety is worth the wait, what could you accomplish with 10yrs of Sobriety? Congratulations on your success in managing the disease of addiction for all these […]

Of Mights and Men in Recovery

Of ‘mights’ and men in ALCOHOL RECOVERY People come and go in our lives. I’m looking at a picture from more than 10 years ago. It […]

Addiction Treatment Centers in San Diego | Present Moments Recovery

Drug Rehab San Diego North County

Drug Rehab | San Diego Detox | Present Moments Recovery

Drug Rehab in San Diego CA

Drug Rehab San Diego North County | PMR Part 1 of 2

Drug Rehab San Diego North County | PMR Part 2 of 2

Addiction Rehab San Diego

Addiction Treatment Facilities California

Drug Detox San Diego North County | Present Moments Recovery

A letter to a Family member with a Drinking problem

“Over the years this letter reminds from which I came. I relate this to my wife who is Alcoholic my kids that will try this someday. […]

James Franco has a smile from ear to ear, whats that about?

James Franco, “looks like he’s on cloud 9” Thank you Mr. James for sharing your “story” with us. We reduce the stigma of addiction by telling […]

A “hand in hand” Drug treatment process – Acupuncture and Alcohol Detox Acupuncture: Scam or Glam? Many of believe that the way to recovery is to travel down many paths. We don’t know what makes each client […]

360º Video Tour of By The Sea Recovery

Sober Living Homes are improving their stand in Rehab Treatment Industry!

Sober Living Homes are improving their stand in Rehab Treatment Industry! Sober Living Home What would you call a place where people can get together to support […]

Are Interventions Effective?

Are Interventions Effective way to get your family into Addiction Treatment? About 95 percent of all addicts are in denial, so they’re unlikely to seek treatment […]

Drug Rehab | San Diego Detox | Present Moments Recovery

Will the Healthcare Bill, or any Healthcare Bill for that matter, help Rehab treat more people?

Will the Healthcare Bill, or any Healthcare Bill for that matter, help us treat more people? By: Present Moments Recovery Owner, Mark Gladden Feedack to Link […]

Philip Seymour Hoffman left us way to early….Does Rehab need Rehab???

DOES “REHAB” NEED REHAB?   DAVID M. REISS, M.D. The real costs of the drug epidemic and the “rehabilitation-medical-pharmacological-media complex”  The tragic death of Philip Seymour […]

How do you feel about Ben coming out again?

2 times may be a charm, but likely “it” could happen again… I too, similar to Ben, have struggled with addiction during my adult life. I […]

Let’s take charge of our healthcare!!!

Treatment vs. Healing  David M. Reiss, M.D.  Present Moments Recovery “It is much more important to know what sort of patient has a disease than what […]

There are providers out there that have space to treat you. Many providers and sitting and waiting for clients to come into their programs. The moments a person is ready for this type of treatment is […]

Thank you SIA! Thank you your courage to stay sober…in fact their are a number of celbs that have come out of the darkest to share […]

Heather Locklear: We Care

We salute those celebrities embracing the hard path of drug rehab recovery compounded by the expectations of society, media and those financially tied to the work […]

As a parent, my healing needs to come first

AL-Anon reminds me that as a child, I took the plunge for the sake of fun…What I know now as an adults is that it is […]

Task Force – Insurance can and WILL PAY for treatment….what about Sober Living? They are making it harder and harder for the Insurance industry to drag their on approvals for Drug and Alcohol Residential Treatment. The bigger issue […]

US Surgeon General Report is HERE!!!!

This is a historical event. The Surgeon General of the United State of America has taken notice of the growing problem of #addiction for lots things, […]

NO DRINKING house is starting to get the attention it deserves….

Ohio codifies recovery residence principles in groundbreaking legislation | Addiction Professional Magazine Many States believe the a Sober Living Environment (SLE) is a great place go […]

SUD Treatment has to move non-profit ideals

….thank you David, it was truly a manifesto of sorts. I can say that I have been relentlessly pursued by the call centers and bed brokers […]

Issa Holds Public Forum on Sober Living Homes Reform

Sober Living is Drug and Alcohol free housing. The population that needs this type of structured environment are those that have been through some type of […]

Legal Heroin in Canada…the Science behind the Shock

Canada is ready to legalize prescription heroin. A sep towards eliminating some health consequences such as hepatitis C, HIV and unwanted overdoses from other co-substances used […]

Darryl Stawberry says enough is enough regarding friends #addicition Thanks Mr. Darryl for keeping up the fight. The ONLY TIME I started to get better was when I was ready to ask another human […]

Why are we still slapping the hand?

It is heartwarming to see the changes from punitive attention towards behavioral treatment, we are not alone in the struggle to make changes rather than slap […]

WATER is the lifeline, even if it makes me pee at night!!

By Scott Silverman Confidential Recovery Drinking one glass of water before going to bed avoids stroke or heart attack. I did not know this. Something else […]

Am I ready to do this, really?

Ready to go to any lengths? I’ve been kicked by the wind, robbed by the sleet  Had my head stoved in, but I’m still on my […]

Detox from Drugs and Alcohol can be comfortable

DEXTOX from Drugs and Alcohol can be a comfortable Treatment of Addictive Disorders in the 21st Century By Phillip Milgram, MD, Medical Director @ Present Moments Recovery Recent […]

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Houston, we have a problem..

Drug overdoses won’t stop rising — and that’s not even the worst part written by…Harrison Jacobs of the Business Insider Harrison Jacobs The number of deaths […]

“The Voice” 2016 Audition Alisan Porter – the RECOVERY QUEEN

I look back on my own story and I’m not sure if I could have done what Ms. Alisan showed me in front of millions of […]

NAD Reverse Aging and Recovery

This is a relatively new part of the Recovery process…We are exciting to be part of it. #dontlosethismoment #feelyoungagain #health #addiction #antiaging #lovelifeagain #drugabuse

Drug Rehab San Diego North County | PMR ( Part 1 of 2 )

Present Moments Recovery

Way Too Early: Weiland

Scott Weiland, from the Stone Temple Pilots, dies on a tour bus from drug related issues. And yet again another celebrity that is tossed to the […]

I Thought I Knew.

I saw this and it reminded me of my initial thoughts of recovery. I thought I was different, and that my problems were unique….thanks for the […]

Ready to go to any lengths?

I’ve been kicked by the wind, robbed by the sleet Had my head stoved in, but I’m still on my feetand I’m still, willin’Little Feat Where […]

Of ‘Mights’ and Men

People come and go in our lives. I’m looking at a picture from more than 10 years ago. It is a picture of two guys posing […]

Vetting: the process of deciding who gets rehab and who gets jail

As we move on to make decisions on attending addiction with treatment, it is important to draw the line to set the determinant on whether to […]

Rehab San Diego North County

Addiction Treatment in San Diego

San Diego County seeking help to those in the know…

The city sets to have the support of non profit foundations in order to have areas that emergency responders or police can attend such as mental […]

San Diego Alcohol Treatment

San Diego Alcohol Treatment

Addiction Treatment Facilities California

No Drama for Obama

Obama prepares to address the epidemic of addiction, specifically heroin and overdoses that can be prevented and supported through non emergency lay responders and education, not […]

Drug Rehab in San Diego CA Fear had to be calmed so Courage could come out and hunt. My #transformation was not an easy process, but well worth it once my […]

Mo homes mo problems?

Cities continue to put pressure on drug rehabs and sober living homes in a residential setting. Will it be a positive thing? It could increase the […]

Drug Rehab San Diego North County

Not in my backyard…to what effect?

New Jersey, though a state pushing hard on advocacy and attention to substance use disorder and preventive resources such as Naloxone training, presents tension in residential […]

Sabathia taking a Sabath…

And as the stigma lessens, the easier it is for media to convey the need for healing to professional athletes: they are human. It is not […]

Present Moments Recovery

Kudos for Kate

We salute Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, for tackling headstrong the epidemic of Drug and Alcohol addiction in UK and around the world by visiting a […]

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