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man in residential treatment san Diego

San Diego Residential Drug Rehab

San Diego's Only Comprehensive Continuum of Care Model

san-diego-residential-drug-rehabAddiction is progressive and destructive to the person who is caught in its grasp. But recovery is attainable for those who come to a reputable treatment center and get the help they need to recover.

After making sure that detox takes care of withdrawals and physiological symptoms, we offer residential treatment for the first 1-3 months of sobriety in a comfortable ‘home-like’ setting where individualized attention can place a person’s needs in early recovery at the forefront. Welcome to recovery in an ambience of family and home.

We specialize in helping recovering men and women establish a firm foundation in recovery, so after facilitating the detox process all the way through residential (or inpatient) rehabilitation, we assist them in planning for a ‘step down’ program to receive “after care.” If our client is going to remain in the local San Diego area, we will typically continue counseling the individual on an outpatient basis as he or she moves into a local sober living house (or returns home).

Longer Treatment Period = Greater Long-Term Success

Our family run treatment center is able to provide a much longer treatment period for the same cost that most rehabs offer a 28 day program. The standard length of time for our continuum of care is 90 days, which creates a very solid foundation of sobriety and newly learned behaviors in the men and women whom we treat.

There are countless medical studies which have clearly demonstrated a correlation between longer treatment periods and better outcomes (ie long-term sobriety). This is one of the reasons that Present Moments has been so successful in helping women and men get “over the hump” of initial sobriety and truly establish a rewarding and uplifting life without the use of their drug of choice.
Inpatient residential rehab san diego

Skilled and Caring Clinicians Dedicated to Your Recovery

The treatment process through our entire continuum of care is facilitated by caring and highly skilled addiction clinicians who have achieved credentials and certifications that are indicative of the best in our industry. Many of our team members have had their own lives touched by addiction, and there comes with this a personal investment in your success because, simply put, our recovery is best supported by helping you with yours. You will not find a more dedicated and effective team of clinicians at any other center.

What to Bring

For a comprehensive list of what to bring (and not to bring) visit our page here.

Contact Us Today

Call us now at (619)363-4767 so that we can learn about your situation and offer a free and confidential assessment. Addiction is deadly and progressive, but there is a way out. We are waiting to help you.

Comprehensive Clinical Treatment in a Comfortable and Serene Environment

The Levels of Treatment

  • Level 0: Assessment & Intervention
  • Level 1: Detox
  • Level 2: Inpatient/residential treatment
  • Level 3: Sober Living, Outpatient, & Aftercare

We Provide a Continuum of Care for Long-Term Sobriety

Our experience in helping men and women overcome addiction for the long-term has led us to create a multi-level continuum of care. The benefits of extending treatment through several months and gradually making the treatment less intensive have been well established. We provide these levels of care in order to facilitate long-term recovery and integration back into a career. The treatment process typically starts with a safe & comfortable medically supervised detox, and then transitions into our residential treatment environment for full-time treatment over a period of 1-3 months. Our residential home provides all residents with a nurturing, family atmosphere in a calm environment.


MAT Integration into Treatment (When Appropriate)

Our clinical staff will use whatever tools are available to assist our client's recovery and this includes the prescribing and dispensation of drugs to help adjust craving like Suboxone, Sublocade, and Subutex (all brand names for buprenorphine).

Our medical director will continue existing prescriptions and (where approprate) write a prescription for MAT medications like these. Then, our clinical staff can manage the dispensation of the medication at the assigned times.

It's very helpful to have all clinical parts of the recovery support team in communication with each other like they are at Present Moments. Dr. Milgram will be in charge of both the prescribing of the medications, monitoring your progress, and managing your personalized treatment regimen. This way, the treatment is holistic and truly supportive in nature.

Here are some more facets of the treatment program at our San Diego residential rehab program:

Examples of Treatment Activities

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Psycho Educational Groups
  • Somatic Therapies: Reiki, Mindfulness, Qigong
  • Expressive Therapies: Art Therapy, Music Expression, Creative Writing
  • 12-Step Based Support Group Meetings (and non 12-Step)
  • Holistic Processes: Meditation, Physical Fitness, Acupuncture, Yoga

"Stepping Down" Into Sober Living

Then, when our client is ready to resume their career (or education), we have monitored and supportive sober living homes for them to reside in. Our clients will remain connected to their clinical support team through outpatient counseling as they ’step down’ their level of care and eventually live on their own. Read more about our San Diego California sober living home for men.

Achieving the Critical First Year of Sobriety

Numerous medical outcome studies have confirmed the notable dropoff in relapse rates for patients who have achieved certain specific milestones. For instance

  • Patients who undergo some form of treatment after detoxification took 40% longer to relapse (if they relapsed at all)
  • The likelihood of long-term sobriety basically doubles after a year of initial abstinence is achieved
  • Less than 15% of individuals who achieve five years of continuous sobriety will ever relapse

Our mission is to provide our clients the monitoring and support necessary to help them achieve some of these crucial milestones. When you are in our care, your medical file will remain in the hands of the same clinical team throughout every level of care that you matriculate through.

Getting Help for Alcohol or Drug Addiction in San Diego

Do you or someone you love have a problem with alcohol, fentanyl, heroin, or another addictive substance? Recovery is possible, but you can’t do it without reaching out for help. Call use to learn about your options. We can also answer any questions you may have about treatment or insurance at 1-619-363-4767.

Licensed & Certified by the State Department of Health Care Services:  License Number 370148AP, EXP 04.30.23.

Get in Touch with Our Caring Team

We are waiting for your call. Don’t hesitate, pick up the phone and dial 619-363-4767 today.

Your first call will be greeted by one of our intake counselors who will be able to provide information on what program would be appropriate for your situation, as well as information about the process of getting treatment at our facility, if appropriate.

If Present Moments is the right fit for your current situation you will be speaking to Admissions Director Mark Gladden, who will be your guide throughout the process of arranging travel and undergoing an initial detox (if necessary). Mark has been the guide for dozens of men and women who have gotten their lives back by entering treatment at Present Moments. He has earned his reputation as being truly dedicated to the recovery of others. Mark will be the one to ‘show you the ropes’ when it comes to admitting to our facility for treatment

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