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San Diego Drug Detox

Long-Term Recovery Starts with an Effective and Compassionate Detoxification


The physiological and emotional symptoms of withdrawal are real.

Our compassionate staff provides 24/7 supervision to ensure the transition into abstinence is medically appropriate, safe, and secure to prepare for the next stage of the individual's treatment plan.

Our San Diego drug detox and rehab is a healing home-like environment  staffed with highly trained physicians, Masters Level Therapists,  and recovery personnel that offer comfort and support during the drug detoxification process.

Present Moments' high clinician to resident ratio allows for daily individualized treatment for those who seek our help overcoming an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Our medical director recognizes that a single modality doesn’t successfully meet the needs of every individual that is seeking recovery, therefore we offer a multitude evidence based addiction treatment practices in order to best meet the needs of each client, including those with co-occurring mental health diagnoses.

The first step we take with our clients is substance abuse detox. Chemical dependency is dangerous and must be gradually tapered off in a comfortable and positive setting, like Present Moments Recovery‘s rehab center. We perform systematic withdrawal, easing the discomfort of withdrawal from whichever substance dependence you suffer from. Present Moments Recovery is one of the top San Diego medical drug detox centers.

Our treatment team oversees the Doctor’s protocol while supporting client comfort throughout their plan. Our Medical Director leads the team by prescribing medications, monitoring progress, and managing a personalized treatment regimen. This way, the treatment is holistic and truly supportive in nature.

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) During Detox and Residential Treatment

We offer carefully planned and executed medical assistance from a multidisciplinary team of highly skilled professionals. Our team utilizes FDA approved medications such as Suboxone, Sublocade, Vivitrol and Subutex (all brand names for buprenorphine and/or naltrexone) to assist in recovery, including medications to help soothe cravings and facilitate pain management.

Our Medical Director will continue existing therapies (where appropriate) or prescribe MAT medications like these. Then, our clinical team will monitor the effectiveness of the medication from a therapeutic perspective and make the appropriate recommendations as the continuum of care unfolds. Studies show that MAT, when coupled with counseling, greatly increases one' ability to attain long term sobriety.

Alcohol, Opioid, Cocaine, and Meth Detox in San Diego

We assess your medical and emotional needs and can prescribe counseling and psychiatric assistance when necessary.

We tailor strategies, at our San Diego detox clinic, to meet your unique needs and always make sure a long-term treatment and recovery plan is set into place. Our recovery center offers a comprehensive treatment program that includes detoxification from a variety of substances. Heroin and prescription opiates (like fentanyl) produce uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms, and often necessitate an overnight stay at our inpatient facility.

Our medically-supported detox has a very high success rate for quickly withdrawing people from drugs. This is approximately a seven-day process that allows the addicted individual to return to normal life and work without extensive inpatient treatment.

Who Oversees Our Medical Detox in San Diego?

Systematic withdrawal from addictive substances is carried out under medical supervision, which involves board-certified physicians, registered nurses, and other healthcare workers.

What is Detoxification?

Detoxification (medical detox) is the process by which the body rids itself of addictive substances and toxins. These accumulate through a prolonged addiction or from mere exposure to a particular substance.  Medical detox from drugs and/or alcohol is the primary step in treatment. Most addicted people enter treatment at a time when use of a substance excessive, or when a crisis occurs.

Is a Medical Detox necessary?

Proper addiction treatment involves medically managed detoxification. This helps rapidly rid the client of substances and curb cravings. Once detox is complete, the brain’s neurochemistry is somewhat stabilized so an accurate assessment can be made.

Why use physician-assisted detoxification?

When an individual becomes addicted to one or more substances, both physical and psychological dependence occurs. The physical addiction is a medical issue, requiring real medical treatment. Medications are used for the rapid withdrawal process to alleviate harmful and unpleasant symptoms associated with stopping drug use.

How is medical detox done?

The physician and healthcare workers administer safer medications that work on the brain much like the abused substance does. Once treatment begins, the patient no longer has the urge or physical need to use drugs and/or alcohol, as the substitute medication fulfils the physical requirements.

How do the medications work?

The medications act on brain transmitters and receptors in the same way the drugs and alcohol do. This way, the medicines signal the brain to stop the withdrawal symptoms that occur when a substance is abruptly stopped.

Where will medical detox occur?

Our home-like rehabilitation facility is a comfortable and safe setting for medical detoxification. Our staff will help you remain safe, comfortable, and concentrate on recovery and focus on lifestyle changes and coping with addiction. Recover is an ongoing process, so the medical staff are specially trained to assist people who are overcoming powerful addictions.

What can I expect After Completing a Medical Detox?

Present Moments Recovery offers the entire continuum of care, up to and including sober living. The entire continuum of care is CARF certified for continued excellence. We use a unique blend of processes that are designed to treat the "whole person" during the critical recovery period. A common destination after detoxification is beginning residential drug treatment, where a person may receive constant attention and guidance deuring their first 1 to 3 months of rehabilitation. There are other choices, like intensive outpatient services, which include counseling, peer support, and ongoing educational sessions.

San Diego Fentanyl Detox At Present Moments Recovery

Deaths from drug overdose rose by 30% in 2020, and experts point to fentanyl as the primary reason for the spike. Like other prescription drugs classified as opioids, fentanyl relieves pain. However, abuse or misuse of fentanyl can have life-threatening effects.

If you or someone you know is struggling with fentanyl addiction, call Present Moments Recovery a (619) 363-4767 for San Diego fentanyl rehabilitation.commission-of-accreditation-of-rehabilitation-facilities-badge

CARF Certified Drug Detox in San Diego

All of our drug treatment programs are CARF certified, from our initial sub-acute detox through outpatient counseling and even our sober living housing.

We are the first sober living environment to be CAFF certified in San Diego County, and the only 'entire continuum of care' to have every program achieve CARF Accreditation.

Providing Maximum Comfort Through IMS

Present Moments Recovery is Licensed by the State of California Department of Health Care Services to provide Incidental Medical Services (IMS). Therefore, our staff can manage intravenous and oral medications and the entire spectrum of medication treatment methods for withdrawal symptoms. These treatments are provided and monitored by qualified medical staff on site. Present Moments Recovery admits clients 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

What is IMS?

On January 1, 2016, legislation authorized Substance Use Disorder treatment facilities licensed by the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) to provide incidental medical services (IMS). IMS allows a health care practitioner, or staff under the supervision of a health care practitioner, to address medical issues associated with detoxification, treatment, or recovery services.

Why is this Important?

The acute pain of withdrawal as measured by C.O.W.S. (clinical opiate withdrawal scale) is the greatest barrier to detoxification and rehabilitation for you or your family member. While most inpatient and outpatient facilities have protocols in place, many who suffer from this acute and painful time need access to new, safe, non-narcotic options in pain management.

DHCS has authorized Present Moments Recovery to allow a licensed physician or other health care practitioner to provide incidental medical services (IMS) to a patient of the facility on the facility premises thus improving the level of care and efficacy of our program.

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Our founder Mark Gladden is standing by to take your call, check availability, and see if our drug detoxification process is a good match for you in your current recovery trajectory. Call him now at  (619) 363-4767, or send a confidential form by filling out the fields on this page. We are waiting for your call. Don’t hesitate!


Licensed & Certified by the State Department of Health Care Services:  License Number 370148AP, EXP 04.30.23.


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Your first call will be greeted by one of our intake counselors who will be able to provide information on what program would be appropriate for your situation, as well as information about the process of getting treatment at our facility, if appropriate.

If Present Moments is the right fit for your current situation you will be speaking to Admissions Director Mark Gladden, who will be your guide throughout the process of arranging travel and undergoing an initial detox (if necessary). Mark has been the guide for dozens of men and women who have gotten their lives back by entering treatment at Present Moments. He has earned his reputation as being truly dedicated to the recovery of others. Mark will be the one to ‘show you the ropes’ when it comes to admitting to our facility for treatment

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