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By The Sea Sober Living

San Diego's Top Sober Living

What if you could live in a fantastic place, close to the beach, and have the right support throughout the way? Welcome to By the Sea Recovery sober living in San Diego. There is simply not a better combination of location, amenities, and staff out there than what can be found at our coastal homes in Carlsbad, CA. After detox or rehab, let us provide the right amount of attention so you can have a safe place after the first days of drug and alcohol detoxification all the way to school or work. We did it. You will too.

As featured on CNN, By The Sea Recovery are San Diego California sober living homes that have set the standard for sober housing. Residing in our sober home can be paired with additional support and counseling through our outpatient programs.

By the Sea sober living provides structure in the safe sober environment for individuals in recovery from drugs and alcohol.

San Diego's Premier Sober Living House

Our sober living house managers work alongside clients, parents, spouses and professionals to facilitate change necessary for lasting recovery.

At By the Sea Sober Living San Diego we believe that struggling through early sobriety alone is difficult, but embracing recovery can be enjoyable. By the Sea Sober Living provides professional guidance and support to help you achieve long term sobriety.  While living at our San Diego sober living home, you will be immersed in a community with a group of like-minded recovering drug addicts and alcoholics who are not only serious about success in their recovery, but serious about success in all aspects of life - careers, relationships, and physical health.  Our San Diego sober living home is close to the gym, recovery meetings, public transit, basketball courts, skate parks, restaurants and many opportunities to work.

Renew your connection with your career or education without the use of drugs or alcohol at By the Sea Sober Living in San Diego. We can help you achieve the life you want by connecting you to the active San Diego County recovery community. Our residents enjoy activities such as meditation, exercising, surfing, hiking, community involvement and more. These activities are proven to help reduce anxiety, improve gratitude, create healthy self-discipline and cultivate a positive attitude all while helping you integrate yourself with San Diego’s vibrant recovery community.

Created By Behavioral Health Professionals and CARF Accredited

By the Sea Recovery is the brainchild of Mark and Amy Gladden, who created Present Moments Recovery, one of San Diego's top drug rehab programs.  This family-owned treatment center offers the entire continuum of care, and every program, including By the Sea sober living, is CARF-accredited for excellence. We dreamt of a better place to get sober and got in touch with the top drug and alcohol professionals in San Diego.

Your peers in recovery and the house  managers at By the Sea Recovery sober living are passionate and in-recovery.  This is a family affair, which makes the work we do extremely personal.  By the Sea Recovery sober living in San Diego was designed specifically to allow those who have completed residential drug treatment to transition into a long-term sober lifestyle. Let our clean and safe sober housing next to the beautiful beaches of Carlsbad become your new home.

By the Sea Sober Living is San Diego’s top rated sober living facility. Our comprehensive, structured sober living lifestyle includes peer accountability, a zero tolerance drug policy, 12 step studies and more. Our recovery homes in San Diego are designed to create a supportive and non-judgmental environment to help our residents maintain their sobriety. After detox or inpatient treatment has been completed, it is crucial to create a solid foundation in recovery. By the Sea Sober Living in San Diego provides professional guidance through early recovery so that you are never alone on the path to achieving long term sobriety.

We ask our sober living residents to follow several rules:

  • 12-step meeting participation
  • Zero tolerance drug policy
  • Participation in group activities
  • Complete daily chores
  • Adhere to nightly curfew

Sober Living is More than Just 12-Step Meetings

Meetings are not enough. Having the right people as peers, experienced management, and working with your counselor can change everything.  At By the Sea Recovery sober living, we believe in versatility and inspiration. This means sober living is designed to support your previous treatment and build upon it.  By the Sea Recovery sober living will help you tap into  long-term sobriety life with practical, evidence-based approaches and experiential activities. Let San Diego become your sober living foundation.

Inspirational Area in North County San Diego

By The Sea Recovery sober living homes in San Diego are located in “North County” – San Diego’s coastal community. This area is home to Tony Hawk, Shaun White, and Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder.

North County San Diego boasts access to colleges, recovery resources, and hundreds of recovery support meetings. Only 15 minutes from the beach, By the Sea Recovery is ideally located to extend sobriety after leaving a higher level of care at a residential drug rehabilitation center.

San Diego is the country’s top destination to begin your journey in recovery. With a robust recovery community, low unemployment rate, and climate that supports an active lifestyle, it is the perfect place to find your sober living home. Regardless of your drug of choice, you will be sure to find a supportive 12-Step community to help you begin your new life in sobriety. By the Sea Sober Living provides the guidance, community, and environment that are necessary to enact lasting change in a life of recovery from drugs and alcohol- making it San Diego’s top-rated sober living facility.

There are many reasons to choose our San Diego sober living. One of the main reasons people in recovery gravitate toward San Diego is for the laid back beach lifestyle and the many fun and exciting things to do.  When continuing your sobriety after detox or inpatient treatment in San Diego, we can help you completely adopt a new sober life.

MAT (Medication-Assisted Treatment) in our Sober Living

We ensure that you can safely continue your MAT or medication-assisted treatment program while living in sober living. Suboxone, Naloxone, and Buprenorphine are medications that save lives. Medical supervision of medication-assisted treatment while living in a safe and alcohol and drug-free sober house can get you the greatest benefits of science and results. Let our sober homes be the support for a sustained recovery.

The staff at By the Sea Recovery sober living is qualified and trained to secure and oversee client self-administration of medication like Suboxone and Subutex (brand names for buprenorphine) that is managed and prescribed by a licensed physician.

These standards have been adopted from our DHCS licensed detox facility to ensure procedures are safe and supportive to client needs. These policies represent our exceptional dedication to providing the best recovery environment possible. Read more about MAT on the SAMHSA website.

Contact Our Sober Living in San Diego Today

Our founder Mark Gladden is standing by to take your call, check availability, and see if ouf sober home a good match for your in your current recovery trajectory. Call him now at Present Moments number (619) 363-4767, or send a confidential form by filling out the fields on this page.

Get in Touch with Our Caring Team

We are waiting for your call. Don’t hesitate, pick up the phone and dial 619-363-4767 today.

Your first call will be greeted by one of our intake counselors who will be able to provide information on what program would be appropriate for your situation, as well as information about the process of getting treatment at our facility, if appropriate.

If Present Moments is the right fit for your current situation you will be speaking to Admissions Director Mark Gladden, who will be your guide throughout the process of arranging travel and undergoing an initial detox (if necessary). Mark has been the guide for dozens of men and women who have gotten their lives back by entering treatment at Present Moments. He has earned his reputation as being truly dedicated to the recovery of others. Mark will be the one to ‘show you the ropes’ when it comes to admitting to our facility for treatment

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