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I am incredibly grateful our family has been able to benefit from Mark’s guidance

I am writing to express my heart-felt gratitude to the Betty Ford Center for recently referring me to Mark Gladden of Present Moments Recovery for emergency help for my son Edward. Mark’s support, knowledge, compassion and commitment have truly been outstanding, and more than I could have hoped for.

I was trying to help my incapacitated son in San Diego by long-distance from Denver –extremely challenging & frightening. Mark Gladden was the only one who answered the phone. And it truly seemed thanks to Angels.

On the spot, Mark took time to patiently listen & ask excellent questions, then offered immediate detox services at his facility. Then–the real miracle–he offered to personally drive to Edward’s home in San Diego (where Edward lives alone), pick him up and bring him back to safely begin the detox. I can’t begin to express how much that meant to me. Frankly. I shudder to think WHAT would have happened without Mark.

During the detox days, Mark continued to stay in communication with me and made sure I was able to talk with both Edward and his counselor a few days later when Edward was planning his next steps. After the detox was completed Mark also took another staff person with Edward back to Edward’s home and helped clean up the wrecked interior for two and a half hours, leaving Edward in a restored environment.

All in all, I am incredibly grateful our family has been able to benefit from Mark’s guidance, and his commitment to support our dear Edward, dealing with the agony and danger of addiction. Mark really stood by us, even as our need for help stretched on.

It is my utmost delight and pleasure to recommend Mark Gladden to ANYONE seeking similar services and support, in any addiction situation. He has been a true Blessing to all involved.

And THANK YOU most sincerely again to Betty Ford for that initial referral to Mark on a busy holiday weekend night. I know it saved my son’s life. And saved his family from unspeakable loss the rest of our lives.

Candace Anderson


Don’t ever give up! I’m forever indebted to Present Moments

Present Moments helped me begin a new life. I was a hopeless alcoholic and addict when I arrived there. I’ve had some learning to do since leaving rehab but after gaining the knowledge and tools from there, I have an absolutely amazing life now in the program. If you’re hopeless and feel like your life is over, you’re exactly where you need to be if here or in the program. Don’t ever give up! I’m forever indebted to Present Moments and A.A! Stay soberlicious people!

Google Reviewer


I can honestly say I could not have have found a better group to guide me

For now, as I’m still a client in Mark, Amy and their team’s care, I can honestly say I could not have have found a better group to guide me through perhaps the most difficult period in my adult life. From the beginning to today, 8 months and 3 levels of care later, it has been what I needed, when I needed it. That hasn’t always been easy to say or accept in many of the challenging moments of honest self-searching, but looking back, it’s the truth. Things do often happen for a reason, and I couldn’t be more grateful that some thing or some one far bigger than me, found a reason for me to here.

Rob Fleisher


Present Moments is a wonderful, holistic self-care based model

Present Moments is a wonderful, holistic self-care based model of inpatient recovery. The ownership (literally came to my home to help me, and even visited me in the hospital Before! I was a client) and staff, mangers and team members, all, authentically care and actively seek to ensure individualized, relevant treatment plans for guests. Counseling, therapy, psychiatry, group therapy, AA Meetings, yoga, fitness, healing touch, Raki, Chi-gong, nutrition, eco-therapy, equine-therapy and EMDR, art-therapy, acupuncture, music therapy (Rock to Recovey), a beautiful environment, and superb outpatient programs, all contribute to a total wellness curriculum. My experience has fully changed my perspective. I feel like family and I’m very grateful. 5-⭐️s, no doubt. Thank you, Present Moments, Mark and Amy, et all!


Matt Huddleston

Mark is a straight up guy, and so are all his affiliates

I had an eye opening here. NAD treatment is the real deal. Mark is a straight up guy, and so are all his affiliates. I really didn't know what to make of an NAD detox, but please hear me. If you are truly ready this is the easier, softer way. The nursing staff is top notch. They are all over you making the experience tolerable. Dr Milgram is top notch as well. Today, as a result of starting here, I have options that I never thought I would have again. Thanks to all of you who participated in my experience with you!

Joe Koszalinski


I’m so grateful to have found Present Moments.

When we had a family member who was ready for help, Present Moments was such a gift! I felt my loved one was safe and comfortable and getting the care and attention that they deserved. I trusted the process and we celebrated the experience. I’m so grateful to have found Present Moments. They were there for us in our time of need.

Sabrina Wilkerson


PMR will make sure your highest and greatest needs are met

Present Moments Recovery Knows what and How to help your loved ones get Help.Most families in Crisis are not familiar on how to navigate the Treatment system. Call them They know how. PMR will make sure your highest and greatest needs are met from the First Call to intake and assessment to the comprehensive treatment your loved one will experience.

Scott H.


I Am Still Sober, Here is My Letter to Drugs

Hey guys! Just wanted to say I'm so thankful for your influence and love towards me in these past few years and I'm forever thankful for the help and direction you guys pushed me towards back then and today moving forward . Our assignment in DUI class today was to write a letter to drugs . I thought I could share it with you guys .

Dear Drugs,
I’ve known you and had a deep relationship with you since early high school years. You made me feel powerful and not care about the things that would bring meaning, joy, and responsibility to my life . You made me feel like whoever I decided to be and whichever actions I chose I was fine with , whether good,  or bad. You gave me confidence with girls and helped me decide that I liked myself better on drugs than being sober, which later would lead my pursuit of self-destruction without knowing it. 

You influenced the glorification I adopted towards  drug use. You have robbed many years of my life and many tears of those closest to me . You have robbed me of passions and pursuits that I desired to go pursue early on in my life. You have ruined relationships that I still think about 5 years later. You sent me to prison due to your influence and stronghold on my life. You had a deep influence in my multiple felony convictions, my multiple DUI’s, and the record that holds me back  and the legal judgement that I will have to be account for moving forward. You caused me to rob my family of thousands and thousands of dollars for rehabs and help that never could stick. 

If I go back to your facade of carelessness, pleasure, and chains I’ll end up dead or back in prison. I will be choosing to inflict pain and hopelessness on my mother and father and worry and stress over there minds every single day. I’d like to speak this over our past relationship and any future attempts you plan on making towards me or my life moving forward ; go to hell and leave me alone. I choose not to be swayed by your delusional, irrational, and empty promises that you swear by. I can say for good that I’m not wasting any more years on you and/or anything else whose end goal is to leave me shamed, addicted, and empty.

- D

Candace Anderson


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