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Drug Treatment Success Stories & Testimonials

Present Moments helped me begin a new life. I was a hopeless alcoholic and addict when I arrived there. I’ve had some learning to do since leaving rehab but after gaining the knowledge and tools from there, I have an absolutely amazing life now in the program. If you’re hopeless and feel like your life is over, you’re exactly where you need to be if here or in the program. Don’t ever give up! I’m forever indebted to Present Moments and A.A! Stay soberlicious people!

Rab D

For now, as I’m still a client in Mark, Amy and their team’s care, I can honestly say I could not have have found a better group to guide me through perhaps the most difficult period in my adult life. From the beginning to today, 8 months and 3 levels of care later, it has been what I needed, when I needed it. That hasn’t always been easy to say or accept in many of the challenging moments of honest self-searching, but looking back, it’s the truth. Things do often happen for a reason, and I couldn’t be more grateful that some thing or some one far bigger than me, found a reason for me to here.

Rob Fleisher

Present Moments Recovery Knows what and How to help your loved ones get Help.Most families in Crisis are not familiar on how to navigate the Treatment system. Call them They know how. PMR will make sure your highest and greatest needs are met from the First Call to intake and assessment to the comprehensive treatment your loved one will experience.

Scott H.