What is Life Like When You Come Home from Drug Treatment?

What is Life Like When You Come Home from Drug Treatment?


Going to drug treatment is a life-changing event. When you first get there, you may be frightened and worried about your future. As time goes on, you begin to build a family inside those walls. You learn new coping skills and learn to trust yourself. So when it’s time to leave, it’s normal to worry about what life will be like when you come home from drug treatment.

Living with Triggers

In treatment, you’ll learn a lot about what triggers you to use and how to overcome those triggers. When you return to your “normal life,” those skills may be put to the test. You may feel anxious about leaving a drug and alcohol-free home. Your treatment counselors may help you with this by arranging for an aftercare program or helping you with placement in sober housing.

Some triggers that you return to in life may be unavoidable. If stress is a trigger – and many people say it is – then you won’t be able to stop experiencing that situation. You’ll want to keep an eye on what stresses you out so that you know when to use the tools you learned in recovery. Some people may be triggered when they walk down a specific block in their neighborhood. Changing your walking path, if possible, can help you from experiencing the trigger every day.

Use Your Support Network

Whenever the temptation is too great, you’ll have to turn to tools you learned in treatment. Keep the phone numbers of your 12 step sponsor in your phone, and know the meeting schedules close to your home.

Some triggers may have to do with the behaviors that you need to work on. You may find yourself over-reacting to some emotions or situations.

Before you leave treatment, you’ll be able to prepare for triggers and other issues that come up in your new life in recovery. Your therapist can help you create a plan. You may also find that aftercare is the best option to keep you grounded for the first few months after you come home from drug treatment.

Looking for Help?

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