Issa Holds Public Forum on Sober Living Homes Reform

Issa Holds Public Forum on Sober Living Homes Reform

Sober Living is Drug and Alcohol free housing. The population that needs this type of structured environment are those that have been through some type of treatment in the last 3-6 months. I attended the discussion and found Congressman addressing the concerns of many of the residence of both San Clemente and San Diego North County. After reading follow ups and articles written about the event, many point out the the number of compliants are nothing compared to other disturbances in the area. The fact is, no home values are affected because we want to keep as anonymous as our neighbors do with regards to what they do in and around their property. What compeling reason do I have to discuss with my potiential buyer about the what my neighbor does inside their home…..RECOVERY 101: stay on my side of the street and make amends or forgive my neighbor, spouse, kids, parents, the guy the cut me off, the customer service rep on the phone taking for ever…etc.

The National Alliance for Recovery Residences is working with a number of city, county and state officials to create and support legislation that will encourage clean and adquete housing opportunities for our parents, spouses and children to live for a couple of months while they get the tools they need to sustain a life in Recovery.
Present Moments Recovery operates a Treatment Center in a single family home on a single family street, ZERO complaints from Neighbors or HOA for almost 2 years!


 Sober Living Home in North County San Diego

By The Sea Recovery is a San Diego California sober living home that holds their residence accountable to their recovery. We have up to 8 men living in the same house. That the number it takes to afford the morgage, safety procedures, staff, drug screening, food, activities, transportation, taxes….to say the least..its a lot.

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