Living a Healthy Social Life in Recovery

Living a Healthy Social Life in Recovery

When you first get clean and sober, you’re adjusting to a whole new world. Learning to live without the use of substances can be hard. Anyone who has spent a few years sober will tell you that learning new ways to socialize was a challenge for them. Learning how to have a healthy social life in recovery is fun and freeing!

Not only will you be building a social network, but you’ll also learn new activities to have fun in recovery. Instead of going out for a beer, you might find yourself going out for appetizers and coffee. You’ll find your conversations

Spend time with your support network.

No doubt, some people want to spend more time with you now you’re clean and sober. Just remember that recovery comes first no matter what. You can hang out with friends or family but don’t go to places where drugs or alcohol are an option.

Stay away from old people, places and things. If the people you’re hanging out with glamourize drinking and drugging, or do these activities in your presence, leave. Get a rideshare to a 12-step meeting or call your sponsor.

Become a “part of” the 12-step community.

Getting to know people and becoming a “part of” the 12-step community is essential. You’ll make new friends and create a new family if you need to. These are the people you can share honestly with. They can also support you in ways your family probably can’t understand.

Getting a position such as a coffeemaker at one of your 12-step groups can help you give back to the community and meet new people.

Avoid old people, places, and things.

Being around people who you used to buy drugs or use them with is dangerous. You can’t be around those old places, either. Addiction is insidious and can easily trick your mind into dangerous thinking.

Your life in active addiction made you seek recovery. You weren’t having fun or living a healthy life – you were self-destructing. Keep a list of the reasons “why” life in recovery is crucial to you in your wallet.

Recovery is about positive change

Getting clean and sober can seem scary at first, but we’ve helped hundreds of people begin their journey to long-term sobriety in recovery.

Are you or somebody you love struggling with substance use? We can help you reclaim your life and begin to rebuild it in recovery. Please give us a 100% confidential call at 619-363-4767 to learn more about your options.