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What Are The First 30 Days of Recovery Like?

Getting and staying sober could one of the most significant decisions you’ve made in life. The good news is that you’re not alone! While the first 30 days of recovery can seem like a big challenge, the truth is that as you stay sober little by little, the fog begins to lift. Recovery is a journey, not a destination. So what can a person new to recovery expect?

Finding Hope at Meetings

Millions of people, from all walks of life, get clean from drugs and alcohol every year. Even more impressively, many of them stay sober for more than a year by working their recovery program. But

You may find yourselves amazed at some of the stories you hear at 12-step meetings. People who come into treatment centers to tell their stories. They have been where you’ve been, and now they’ve come a long way.

Listen to things you have in common with the people who speak. While they may not all look like you or sound like you, they all have recovery from addiction in common. They’re here to help you learn more.

Admitting You’re Powerless

In the first 30 days of recovery, you'll have to admit you're powerless over drugs and alcohol. You need help.

Nobody detoxes from drugs or alcohol because they feel good about the direction of their life. Addiction can be ugly and depressing. Nobody means to become addicted to drugs – it happens insidiously, while you’re not paying attention. Addiction is considered a disorder of the brain. Some people are predisposed to it, but it can happen to anyone.

In the beginning of your recovery, you’re going to have to admit you have a problem. No matter how much you may “enjoy” them, alcohol and drugs don’t mix with a quality life. It’s time to get the help you need. If you pick up a drink or a drug, you’ll probably go right back to the life you were leading.

Admit you’re powerless, and ask for help. You will probably need to detox from your drug of choice so that you can begin your journey.

Emotions and Triggers in the First 30 Days

While you’re getting clean, you’ll seel the fog lift and probably begin to feel emotions you haven’t felt in a while. You may feel up and down, especially at first. This is normal, and it will pass as you feel more stable in your recovery.

You may also feel an impulse to use when you see or feel something that reminds you of getting drunk or high. Identifying these triggers, and developing a new way to react to them, is an important step when you’re new to recovery.

There is no one perfect way to get clean and sober. The first 30 days can be tumultuous, but they will pass. Stay sober one day at a time and ask for help if you need it. People who have been where you are right now will be happy to teach you new tools.

Getting Help at Present Moments

Present Moments offers a safe, serene environment to help people begin the road to recovery. We can help you detox and decide your next steps in an empathetic home-away-from-home. To learn more about our facilities please contact us at 619-363-4767.



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Mark Gladden brings both personal and professional experience to his role as co-founder of Present Moments Recovery. Now in long-term recovery himself after struggling with addiction for years, Mark understands firsthand the challenges men face in achieving and maintaining sobriety. It was this insight, combined with a desire to help others, that led Mark to establish Present Moments Recovery.

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