What is Experiential Therapy and How Does it Work?
group on hiking trip in recovery from addiction

What is Experiential Therapy and How Does it Work?

When you’re in drug and alcohol treatment, you’ll encounter a lot of tools and participate in therapy. Many of these will be tools to help you accept and understand and accept your addiction. You’ll also learn new coping mechanisms and techniques that will help you be more honest with yourself. Experiential therapy is one type of therapy that will help you develop new strengths and explore your emotions through various activities.

What Does Experiential Therapy Mean?

Experiential therapy is a type of therapy that is particularly useful for people who are building a foundation in recovery. And it means just what it sounds like – you’re growing and changing through the power of experience.

Sitting in a chair talking all day can become repetitive once you’ve been sober for a while. Getting out of a building and into activities can help you take risks, open up, and do something fun or constructive while you’re talking about it.

People learn more from their experiences than they do from lectures. You perspective can also change based on experiences. Because of this, experiential therapy can be helpful to keep you out of a “rut” or help you tackle any issue that’s difficult.

What Kind of Experiences Do People Have in Therapy?

Experiential therapy can be going on a hike, creating art, cleaning up a community space, learning to surf – almost anything, depending on what the therapist thinks will benefit your session. Groups tasks can help you build trust. Activities between yourself and your therapist can help you explore situations. Activities (sometimes, “homework” from a treatment center or therapist) that you do alone can help you build confidence in yourself or form a new skill.

Experiential therapy is adaptive. Not everything works for every person, just like other tools in recovery.

Getting Help for Addiction

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