Extended (Long Term) Drug Rehab in San Diego

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Extended Treatment Leads to  Great Outcomes

The Levels of Treatment
  • Level 0: Assessment & Intervention
  • Level 1: Detox
  • Level 2: Inpatient/residential treatment
  • Level 3: Sober Living, Outpatient, & Aftercare

We Provide a Continuum of Care for Long-Term Sobriety

residential-drug-rehab-san-diegoOur experience in helping men and women overcome addiction for the long-term has led us to create a multi-level continuum of care. The benefits of extending treatment through several months and gradually making the treatment less intensive have been well established. We provide these levels of care in order to facilitate long-term recovery and integration back into a career.
Studies widely recommend a minimum of 3 months of supervised treatment and outcomes drastically improve as the treatment period increases to one year.

Gradually "Stepping Down" in Treatment Intensity

Each level of our greater continuum of care will feature addiction professionals and recovery veterans supporting you and your family with one-on-one counseling, drug screening, and the wide variety of therapeutic processes and activities we discuss below. These levels of care will consist of:

"Meeting You Where You Are" & Treatment Recommendations

It's good to know that there is an extended continuum available when you or a loved one enter treatment, but it can possibly be overwhelming for the person entering treatment to commit to. Don't let this stop you from reaching out to our team. When you contact our intake counselors to get a confidential assessment of your situation and insurance policy etc, we will outline a treatment program that will work for your current outlook and resources. The important thing is to receive professional treatment to get initial sobriety from drugs and/or alcohol. After the person "comes out of the fog" of their physical dependence on the drug, it's much easier to make decisions and get commitments about the best next steps to take.

'Home Like' Treatment Atmosphere. Incredible Value.

We have created a unique and serene setting for our client to be inspired and comfortable as they are guided through the therapeutic processes and activities that will heal the underlying issues that exacerbated their drinking or drug use.

Read below to find out more about the modalities employed that make our treatment process so unique and effective.


The Premiere Residential Drug Rehab in San Diego

Providing Cutting Edge Clinical Expertise in the Treatment of Addiction

Present Moments Recovery has earned it’s stellar reputation by offering the latest in inpatient evidence-based treatment through a client-centered and personalized approach.

Our goal is to provide you with a recovery drug rehab experience that is of course unforgettable, but more importantly imparts to you the tools needed to navigate your life in a positive and constructive manner, free of drugs or alcohol.
You will Feel ‘At Home’ at Present Moments

Our unique and serene setting for our clients helps them to be inspired and comfortable as they are guided through the therapeutic processes and activities that will heal the underlying issues that exacerbated their drinking or drug use.

Read below to find out more about the modalities employed that make our treatment process so unique and effective.


Our Therapeutic Approach

MAT Integration into Treatment (When Appropriate)

Our clinical staff will use whatever tools are available to assist our client’s recovery and this includes the prescribing and dispensation of drugs to help adjust craving like Suboxone, Sublocade, and Subutex (all brand names for buprenorphine).

Our clinical director will continue existing prescriptions and (where approprate) write a prescription for MAT medications like these. Then, our clinical staff can manage the dispensation of the medication at the assigned times.

It’s very helpful to have all clinical parts of the recovery support team in communication with each other like they are at Present Moments. Our clinical director will be in charge of both the prescribing of the medications, monitoring your progress, and managing your personalized treatment regimen. This way, the treatment is holistic and truly supportive in nature.

Here are some more facets of the treatment program at our San Diego residential rehab program:

Holistic Treatment:

  • Yoga, reiki & qigong
  • Nutrition & fitness/exercise
  • Art & music
  • Stress reduction techniques
  • Self-knowledge and awareness
  • Meditation and reflective process
  • Reduce racing thoughts and reoccurring feelings of anger, anxiety, fear etc.

Somatic & Expressive Therapies:

  • Relationship between the mind and body
  • Body language, posture and expressions
  • Recognition and release of physical tension
  • Reframe and transform current or past negative experiences

Pharmacogenetic Testing:

  • A simple cheek swab can show how your body metabolizes specific medications
  • Identify best medications for you and let you personalize your medication therapy based on your genetic profile

12 Step & Fellowship

  • Successful for over 70 years
  • Prevent temptations and relapse

Get in Touch with Our Caring Team

We are waiting for your call. Don’t hesitate, pick up the phone and dial 619-363-4767 today.

Your first call will be greeted by one of our intake counselors who will be able to provide information on what program would be appropriate for your situation, as well as information about the process of getting treatment at our facility, if appropriate.

If Present Moments is the right fit for your current situation you will be speaking to Admissions Director Mark Gladden, who will be your guide throughout the process of arranging travel and undergoing an initial detox (if necessary). Mark has been the guide for dozens of men and women who have gotten their lives back by entering treatment at Present Moments. He has earned his reputation as being truly dedicated to the recovery of others. Mark will be the one to ‘show you the ropes’ when it comes to admitting to our facility for treatment


You CAN Achieve Sobriety

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