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Consequences of Aggravated DUI

Many people in recovery have a DUI in their story, especially people who live with alcohol addiction also called alcohol use disorder. Sometimes people have more severe DUI charges, especially if the charge is not a person’s first. Aggravated DUI is a felony, which can cost a lot of money and time, especially if you are sentenced to jail.

Many people with an addiction to alcohol or other substances find themselves arrested for a Driving Under the Influence charge. A DUI, especially a second or aggravated one, can be incredibly costly and cause you to lose your driver’s license and freedom.

Nobody wants to be addicted to alcohol. It is not necessary to hit a terrible bottom before you get help. Recovery is possible no matter who you are or what you have done in the past.

What is Considered an Aggravated DUI?

There is more than one reason to be charged with Aggravated DUI. You may be surprised at the kinds of things that can cause you to be accused of this crime, which is a felony and much more serious than your first DUI.

Here are a few reasons you might be charged for Aggravated DUI in California:

  • Having a minor in the car when you are driving drunk.
  • Getting into an accident while under the influence and having one or more victims of the crash.
  • Driving at an excessive speed while driving under the influence. Usually, this is 20 or more miles per hour over the speed limit.
  • Having other drugs on you or an extensive criminal record.
  • Getting a DUI within “safety enhancement zones” where there is extensive foot traffic, such as the Golden Gate bridge.
  • If you have blood alcohol of more than .20%, which is more than twice the legal limit, it has much harsher penalties.

Consequences for Aggravated DUI in California

California DUI fines can cost you anywhere from around $400 to $5000, depending on your conviction. Costs of the DUI can range depending on the circumstance when you were arrested.

Aggravated DUI is a felony, and if you are charged with it, you will be facing jail time. Jail time comes at a high cost because you will have to leave your family behind and lose your income.

Fighting an Aggravated DUI is typically expensive. It’s a felony that is automatically triggered by certain conditions, so it is hard to plead it down with a lawyer. You’re looking at thousands of dollars in fines.

Overall, the time you spend in jail and the cost of the fine depend on the judge. Aggravating factors often add specific amounts of time when you’re convicted, so you may have to spend months longer in jail.

Getting an Aggravated DUI is life-changing. It’s not worth the money or the loss of freedom. Getting help for your alcohol use disorder is possible and can help you avoid future jail time and legal problems from your alcohol or drug use.

Getting Help for Addiction

If you or somebody you love has a problem with alcohol or drugs, help is available! You don’t have to continue to make poor choices based on addiction. You can find freedom and start a new journey toward recovery. Get in touch with us at our state-of-the-art facility to learn more about how we can help. It’s confidential, and we’re here to help at 619-363-4767.



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