Healthy Parent-Child Relationships in Recovery

Healthy Parent-Child Relationships in Recovery

When a person gets clean and sober as an adult, they go through a lot of dramatic changes. Parents are almost always happy but leery when their son or daughter decides that they’re ready to try a new way of life in recovery. The person in recovery may start to make a lot of big changes, quickly, and expect that their family will rejoice. For some people in recovery, it can seem like a let-down when people realize that repairing relationships will take a good deal of time.

Trying Family Therapy

Getting sober and working a recovery program can take some time. Many people go to treatment and ask to include their families in therapy. Family therapy is good for everyone because it allows there to be an intermediary who can help with having difficult conversations. Parents likely feel guilty but have many hurts at the same time about their child’s addiction.

The person in recovery may have hurt left over from their childhood years. Other family relationships such as spouses or children of the addicted person also benefit from therapy.

Family therapy allows people to sort out their issues with a professional guiding the way to resolution. Sometimes, parents have been in a codependent relationship with their adult child for years and may need help finding their own recovery. A treatment center can help you find help one-on-one therapy for family members as well.

Earning Trust Again in Relationships

As the old adage goes, trust is earned. This is very much true in recovery when a child is repairing their relationships with their parents. If this is you, remember that your recovery is about yourself. Focus on what you can do today and in the future for your family.

Maybe you should help your parents around the house or run errands for them. Ask them what their needs are. Repairing relationships is a day-at-a-time. Try doing things for your loved ones and not expecting any specific rewards.

Getting Help for an Addiction

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