Heather Locklear: We Care

We salute those celebrities embracing the hard path of drug rehab recovery compounded by the expectations of society, media and those financially tied to the work of these public figures. As much as the ‘stint’ of alcohol rehab is important, we begin a conversation to confront Hollywood, studios and management as to the importance of sustainable addiction treatment recovery and its impact on the life of those getting help. Is there an interest to personalities getting better? If there is why do we see them back so early? Why aren’t there laws requiring either a specific time for attention to whats important rather than getting back to work. Is it really worth it to get back to work or is the long term risk losing a person and eliminating their contributions? We wish we had the answer, but beginning a conversation is important. Were interested in finding out your points of view, and personally at Present Moments Recovery we embrace a long term approach where work and media can take a step back and place family and a person in the forefront.

Heather, we commend you for how brave it is to take a step. May your steps after continue to attend you and we pray for a transformation and to the family after.