Way Too Early: Weiland

Scott Weiland, from the Stone Temple Pilots, dies on a tour bus from drug related issues. And yet again another celebrity that is tossed to the shocking waves of the…

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No Drama for Obama

Obama prepares to address the epidemic of addiction, specifically heroin and overdoses that can be prevented and supported through non emergency lay responders and education, not to mention naloxone and…

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Drug Rehab in San Diego CA

http://www.sandiegoalcoholtreatment.com/ Fear had to be calmed so Courage could come out and hunt. My #transformation was not an easy process, but well worth it once my fear was tamed.

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Not in my backyard…to what effect?

New Jersey, though a state pushing hard on advocacy and attention to substance use disorder and preventive resources such as Naloxone training, presents tension in residential settings for inpatient drug…

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