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What Are The Dangers Of Molly?

MDMA (usually called “Molly” or sometimes “Ecstacy”) is a drug that became popular in rave culture in the 1990s. Initially, all Molly pills were considered pure MDMA, which stands for 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA). Today, most MDMA is sold as Molly and may not even contain the original drug but instead may have traces of other drugs, such as methamphetamine or even fentanyl.

MDMA itself is a potent drug similar to hallucinogen and stimulant drugs. This was what made it famous in dance clubs and all-night raves.

What Does Molly Do?

Molly is usually taken as a pill. Sometimes the tablet will have decorations such as a smiley face or star that the drug dealers use as branding.

People who take pure MDMA may describe a heightened sense of touch, exaggerated emotions, and distorted perception of time and space. Many people describe a feeling of elation as “warm and fuzzy.” People may react differently to different formulations because Molly isn’t just one drug nowadays.

Molly is a drug that can last up to 3-8 hours, and there is a peak where there is a maximum effect, usually about 3 hours after taking MDMA.

The Dangers of Molly

It’s essential to remember that much of today’s Molly doesn’t contain MDMA. If it includes MDMA, it may have other contaminants that can turn deadly, like fentanyl, PCP, and cocaine. While there is scant evidence of people overdosing on pure MDMA with unknown drug combinations, there is always a chance that taking Molly can be deadly.

Some people may have bad reactions to MDMA. A person may have high blood pressure or heart rate. People who take MDMA and other drugs together also have a higher chance of psychosis.

Many people who have bad experiences with Molly experience them when the high has worn off, but their body is still experiencing the effects. Up to a week later, a person may feel confused or depressed, have trouble sleeping, or feel anxiety due to using Molly.

People who take antidepressants called SSRIs alongside Molly are in danger of developing a life-threatening condition, serotonin syndrome. Regular and heavy users can also develop this syndrome.

Longer-Term Effects of Molly Use

MDMA itself isn’t innocuous. The drug itself creates a rapid supply of serotonin, a chemical in our body that helps control our emotions, especially empathy, a feeling of love, sexual stimulation, sleep, and even pain. The rush of serotonin creates a euphoric feeling. Most people who use the drug describe having an elevated mood for days. However, it will take more time for the body to replenish ecstasy.

Regular use of ecstasy may change the way a person’s brain works. Regular users have often reported feelings of depression about a week after using it, and some users continue to have mental health issues even after they stop using it. Research shows that users may have long-term anxiety and depression due to the lack of serotonin.

Getting Help for Substance Abuse

Many people who have a substance use disorder may not be sure how to get help. Support is available whether you use Molly, alcohol, or other substances! No matter what drug you use, you can recover! We’re here to help you begin your journey and decide your first steps in recovery. Give us a call at 619-363-4767 to learn more.






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