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Court Approved "Continuity of Care" Model

We are a private and clinical drug rehab in San Diego County. Find out why our program really works.

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Our North County ‘Home-Like’ Treatment Program Works

We are proud of the work we have done with the San Diego legal community to provide resources for their clients who are struggling with addiction and related legal issues.

Phase 0: Intervention Program

Addiction is like a poker game when dealing with the family. The non-addicted members will need to keep their cards dose to their vests. The usual maneuvers need to be interrupted by an outside support or professional who understands the manipulations of the cunning, powerful, and baffling, disease of addiction.

The disease of addiction is not respectful, but rather, entitled, arrogant, selfish and self-righteous. Who gets hurt in the process of getting what the disease needs or craves is of no consequence. This is even for people who may without the disease present may have been formerly loving, thoughtful, and sensitive types of personalities. The disease is an equal opportunity destroyer, and it does not care who or what family it decides to invade. Once entrenched into the family system, similar to a tick on a dog, it must be extricated very carefully, or it can actually burrow deeper into the family unit and destroy even more than it has already done.

Conducted by: Therapist, Licensed Counselor, Medical Director or Professional Interventionist

Intervention Program

o           Up to 2 sessions with family/trusted partners

o           Client interaction of 3 attempts to accomplish Intended Outcome

o           Intended Outcome – As determined by Family/Treatment providers

o           Boundaries, Treatment Center Intake, Hospital, Hospice, etc.

o           Intervention held at neutral location or Carlsbad Village Drive Office

o           Fees: Up to $950

Intervention Counseling Services

o           4-Day Training Program (Family participation, Arise Model)

o           Initial Consultation / 60-90min

o           AOD (Alcohol/Drug Education) Training / 90min

o           Family Dynamics and History / 90min

o           Treatment Continuity of Care Model/ 90min

o           Face-to-face Intervention with Patient/ 90min

o           Intended Outcome – Family Interaction / Make a decision regarding a Treatment program

o           90 min in length

o           Intervention training for family or spouse or trusted partners

o           Sessions held at Carlsbad Village Drive Office

o           Intervention held at Neutral Location or Carlsbad Village Drive Office

o           Fees: Up to $2,500.00

Phase 1: Inpatient Residential Treatment and Stabilization

Who it's For: This 'non-hospital' level of care is for the client's initial detox and first weeks of treatment (duration is 7 to 37 days).

Summary: Our 6-bed residential detox and treatment center has received national accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) and is licensed by the California Department of Health Services to provide adult men and women with a confidential location to focus on their substance use disorder while working with some of the industry’s top clinicians. Living in a beautiful single-family home with a bedroom and private bath, our clients will rise each morning with their day planned out for them.

Present Moments Recovery is located in San Diego North County

  • Adult Male & Female, 18yrs+
  • Exclusive 6-Bed Residential Detox/Treatment Center (RTC) Licensed by California DHS
  • Inpatient, home-like environment and confidential community
  • 2 clients per bedroom, with private bath
  • Treatment Team: Detox MD, Psychologist, CA Licensed Therapists and Certified Advanced Drug and Alcohol Counselors, Vocational/Recovery Coaching
  • Therapeutic Approach to treat each individual's needs
  • One-on-One / Group Based Model, Education and Process Group Work and Individual Therapy
  • Motivational Interviewing (MI), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Meditation
  • Fitness, Nutrition, Massage, Acupuncture and Reiki
  • Art and Music Therapy, Equine Therapy
  • Family Therapeutic Programs both inpatient and outpatient
  • 24 Hour Supervision and Random UA Screening
  • Will accompany to court and write progress letters


  • Accepting In-Network Plans from Anthem Blue Cross, Tricare (COMING SOON - HealthNet/MHN)
  • Accepting Out of Network Insurance (PPO plans), most carriers
  • No Public Funding Programs accepted at this time (Medi-Cal/Medi-Care)
  • Self Pay options for all experience levels and sliding scale programs
  • Standard Detox: 5-10 Days, $600/day Cash Pay Rate
  • NAD Detox:  7-10 Days, $950/day Cash Pay Rate
  • Inpatient Residential Treatment: 30-90 Days - $795/day Cash Pay Rate

Present Moments Recovery Offices: 1207 Carlsbad Village Dr., Suite Q, Carlsbad, CA 92008

CEO Mark Gladden: 760-653-2190

Phase 2: Outpatient Program, Structured Living, and Career

Who it's For: Those who have been through treatment and can function within the recovery community with support (duration is 2-6 months).

Summary: This confidential & monitored setting can further shape a sober lifestyle as the client is effectively going to “Night School” for their treatment a couple days a week while having a supportive place to live. Our sober living environment supports clients in earlier recovery. Structured living and life skills are a big part of the day. “How many meetings are you going to? Are you seeing your Doctor, Therapist or Psychiatrists? Are your medications up to date?” These seem like simple questions, but for someone in early recovery or who requires a monitored environment, it’s important to have answers to these questions in order to modify their lifestyle.

Our sober living environment supports clients in a structured and accountable program that will help them develop and maintain a lifestyle of sobriety.

Outpatient Treatment Program

  • Licensed and Certified Treatment Team
  • 3-5 days per week of treatment during the day or evening
  • Cost effective for all experience levels
  • Allows for full or part-time work week
  • Pricing: $1,300 to $4,850 per month

Structured Living

  • MAT Approved Housing Option
  • Drug and Alcohol-Free living environment (Sober Living)
  • 2 Residential locations in the Carlsbad Area
  • 8 Bed, Certified and Insured Sober Living Environment
  • Weekly Drug/Alcohol Screening
  • Amenities
    • Exclusive Accommodations
    • Private Rooms Available
    • Maid Service
    • Breakfast Provided
    • Gym Membership
    • Licensed Counseling, Vocational Therapy, and Recovery Coaching (additional fee may apply)
  • Pricing
    • Monthly Fees: $1,000- $1,800/month (plus the cost of outpatient treatment and medications)
    • Medication Assisted Treatment (if the client is required to be on Doctors Prescribed Medication): $300/month

Phase 3 – Aftercare and Monitoring

Who it's For: The client has returned home, but still needs connection to a structured and monitored program (duration 4-6 months).

Summary: Your client has had 4-8 months of structured living and has elected to move in with family or independent living, but needs to stay connected to the recovery network he developed with a monitored program. We invite them to our local office for continued monitoring and counseling sessions to build on their successes in recovery and continued abstinence.

Medication Assisted Treatment Program (MAT)

Grant Funded Program from CA Dept. of Healthcare Services

  • Pricing
    • Weekly Fees: $199
  • Office location in Carlsbad Village
  • Secure, Distribute, and Record Treatment Medications
  • Daily Counseling Sessions and "Check Ins"
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Recovery Accountability Program (RAP)

  • Pricing
    • Monthly fees: $499 per month
  • Office location in Carlsbad Village
  • Drug/Alcohol Testing and Lab Program, weekly and random
  • Therapy Sessions, Vocational Therapy, Recovery Coaching on a weekly basis

CEO Mark Gladden: 760.653.2190 / 760-4025682 Fax: 619.655.4732

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