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A Deeper Look at NAD Infusion Therapy

Our bodies require a constant energy source to control the cellular processes that are fundamental for life. These cellular processes involve preserving cellular health, restoring skin and brain cells, and repairing damaged DNA. Each of these processes is  due to an enzyme called nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide.

The History of NAD Infusion Therapy

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) is a coenzyme produced naturally in the human body. It was first discovered in 1906 by Sir Arthur Harden and William John Young. The discovery occurred during fermentation, where two nucleotides merged and formed NAD. The process also revealed that the fermentation was contingent upon NAD.

The importance of NAD IV therapy in treating substance use disorder (SUD) comes from Dr. Paul O'Hollaren. In 1961, he declared to have effectively applied NAD IV therapy for the treatment of over 104 cases of addiction to alcohol and other substances, including heroin, morphine, codeine, cocaine, and barbiturates. From his studies, he presented this miracle molecule that offers a holistic approach to helping those struggling with SUD by improving the physical symptoms of addiction.

NAD Infusion Therapy and Addiction

Addiction to drugs or alcohol can drain the body of its natural enzymes. Due to this lack of enzymes, when an individual stops using substances, the withdrawal symptoms they experience worsen, making relapse more likely to occur. Addiction has become one of the most common and deadly disorders in modern society. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that an average of 59.7 million individuals are binge alcohol users, and 23.9 million individuals are illicit drug users. It only takes one encounter in life for some individuals to slip into addiction.

Overcoming addiction is complex, and the detox phase plays a significant role in that process. Incorporating medication to ease the withdrawal symptoms experienced in detox gives your body and brain time to recover, which raises the chances for long-term recovery. Research has proven that clients who receive no further treatment after detoxing have a higher chance of relapse. The withdrawal symptoms alone can cause serious side effects and possible death. Fortunately, some medications and treatments can suppress withdrawal symptoms during the detoxification process to make recovery more manageable, such as NAD IV therapy.

How Does NAD Infusion Therapy Work?

NAD therapy operates through an intravenous infusion. When administered intravenously, it can accurately reach the body's cells. Therefore, allowing our bodies to heal instantaneously.

The Benefits of NAD Infusion Therapy

NAD infusion therapy restores the body's natural NAD levels and, in turn, provides many benefits throughout the process. When NAD levels are fully restored, cravings for drugs and alcohol are easier to control, and withdrawal symptoms reduce significantly. There are many other benefits and reasons why NAD infusion therapy should be considered, including:

  • It is convenient. NAD infusion therapy can be administered at home, allowing the client to sit back and experience a hassle-free treatment process. Imagine being able to read a book or watch a movie, all while enjoying the satisfaction of getting better.
  • NAD IV treatments avoid the digestive system with total absorption and full effect. Oral medications sometimes become lost in the digestive tract and cannot heal the body with NAD. Direct infusion into the bloodstream is much safer.
  • NAD infusion therapy can improve how you feel because of cellular regeneration, providing alertness and relaxation.
  • Successful detox can help decrease fatigue, increase energy, and normalize mood.
  • NAD IV treatments could be the determining factor in giving in or overcoming a craving. When a person suddenly stops using a substance, it can be difficult for the body and brain to cope. NAD therapy helps the withdrawal process and has no side effects.
  • NAD infusion therapy improves mental focus and cognitive function by regulating the parts of brain cells.
  • NAD IV therapy boosts the immune system and helps support a healthy metabolism.
  • NAD infusion therapy regulates the functions of several organs.

Types of Detox Treatment Programs

NAD infusion therapy can effectively help individuals get through the detox phase of treatment and become a long-term therapy choice for multiple types of substance abuse. The variety of detox treatment programs NAD infusion therapy can be used with include:

  • Alcohol detox programs
  • Drug detox programs
  • Opioid detox programs
  • Benzodiazepine detox programs
  • Stimulant detox programs

NAD IV therapy might be one of the latest trends for today's society, but the multitude of benefits cannot be denied. Not only does it help with the withdrawal symptoms and cravings experienced by those quitting drugs or alcohol, but it can also be effective for healthy skin, increasing fertility, and improving sleep patterns. There are endless possibilities with NAD IV therapy, establishing NAD infusion therapy as a miracle molecule for this generation.

Addiction is complex, which is why a proven approach like NAD infusion therapy can be an essential piece of a complete recovery. If you or a loved one struggles with substance abuse or mental health issues, help is available to you. In San Diego, California, Present Moments Recovery offers an individualized and inclusive approach to addiction, with many options available to heal the mind, body, and spirit. Our innovative drug and alcohol detox approaches allow clients to receive the best NAD infusion therapy with little discomfort and lasting results. Our family-run treatment center offers a comfortable and home-like atmosphere where each client feels like family. At Present Moments Recovery, we believe recovery can only happen in the present moment. We provide a safe and clinically controlled detox with minimal withdrawal symptoms. Let us help you find relief from addiction and allow yourself to heal. Call us today at (619) 363-4767



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