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Using Affirmations in Daily Life

One tool that many people in recovery use to feel better about themselves and their life is affirmations. You may be familiar with affirmations from television or other media. They may sound “cheesy” but they can really help you change your negative thinking. For many people in recovery, affirmations are a way to change thought patterns and develop self-esteem.

What Are Affirmations, Anyway?

Affirmations are positive statements that you can use to help change your thoughts. Many people in recovery have a lot of negative self-talk and self-defeating beliefs. For example, you may beat yourself up when you make a mistake. Do you call yourself names like “stupid” or “crazy” when something goes wrong?

Writing and using affirmations can help you to challenge and stop negative thought patterns in their tracks. If you're thinking something negative about yourself, an affirmation can counter that with something positive. When you repeat affirmations regularly, you’ll start to rewrite your story. Rather than thinking bad things about yourself, focus on a few of the good things.

Affirmations can also help you work through thoughts that can cause you anxiety.

Writing Your Affirmations

Writing your affirmations can be simple and to-the-point. Counter some of the self-defeating talk with an affirmation or two. Some can also be about attitudes you hope to take.

Here are a few ideas to try out:

  • “I deserve another chance at life in recovery.”
  • “I am worth working hard for.”
  • “Every day, I’m getting better.”
  • “I deserve to be treated well and treat myself well.”
  • “I am working to live my best life.”
  • “I will not compare myself to others.”
  • “I give myself permission to practice self-care.”
  • “I am a survivor”
  • “I am on the road to great things.”
  • “I am beautiful/handsome and brave.”
  • “My recovery always comes first.”
  • “I am only responsible for my actions and reactions.”
  • “It’s okay to let go things”
  • “I deserve to heal and grow.”
  • “I am going to do a great job today!”
  • “I deserve to recover.”
  • “I am willing to be honest and open.”
  • “I am open to suggestions from others.”
  • “I am ready to live my best life.”
  • “I am learning valuable lessons every day.”
  • “I am dedicated and ready to meet my challenges today.”
  • “I give myself permission to recover.”
  • “I am at peace with myself today.”
  • “I am taking recovery a day at a time.”
  • “Just for today, I will work my recovery program.”

Do any of the above affirmations resonate with you? Try them out or write your own ideas down. Carry them in your pocket or bag. When you’re feeling frustrated or having a bad day, pull out your affirmations and say them quietly to yourself or in your head a few times. Say them as if you’re saying them to a friend or making an oath.

Getting Help for Addiction

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