Mental Health Disorders and Recovery

Mental Health Disorders and Recovery

When most people think of recovery from addiction, their focus is on quitting the use of drugs and alcohol. Some people adjust to life without the use of drugs pretty easily. Things get better, their emotions even out, and they’re ready to tackle a new way of living. But for people with mental health issues, it sometimes doesn’t get easier. Things may feel “off,” or they may have mood swings, anxiety attacks, or other symptoms.

Why Do People With Addiction Have Mental Health Disorders?

People who have mental health disorders are just like other people in recovery. They once used drugs to feel “okay.” When the drugs are removed, however, symptoms usually don’t just go away. People who masked a medical disorder by using drugs also won’t “get well” by simply giving up the drugs they were self-medicating with.

People with mental health issues are more likely to use drugs. Whether they know it or not, they typically use drugs or alcohol to self-medicate some of their symptoms like depression or anxiety. When these symptoms come back, they must be taken seriously and treated.

Mental Health and Drug Rehab

In treatment, you’ll be assessed regularly for symptoms of a mental health issue. If you seem to have a disorder, you’ll meet with qualified professionals. A psychiatrist or therapist can help you understand your disorder, explain the symptoms, and help you form a treatment plan.

Taking care of your health and understanding new coping mechanisms can help you a lot in recovery. If you’re on a new medication, it may take a month or so to feel any different. But once you’ve got a treatment plan in place, and start working on it, you’ll begin to feel healthier and usually happier.

Nothing changes overnight, but working towards optimum mental health is very important in recovery. If you’re struggling, reach out to the treatment staff or mental health department to get more help.

Getting Help for Addiction

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